About us


RACKETTE Patent Attorneys was founded as partnership in the year 1998.

Founding Partners

The founding partners were Mr. Karl Rackette and Mr. Joachim Ruttgers.


Since then we successfully continue the work of the senior founding partner who started in the year 1979 as sole practitioner and the cooperation of the founding partners which dates back to the year 1992.


Our clients are individual inventors, small and medium sized enterprises including so-called "hidden champions", research institutions and large companies which are located all over the world with a focus on small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). We therefore have a profound knowledge about the respective business needs, enabling us to identify an appropriate approach for mastering the various challenges of our clients in IP matters.

Business Model

We see ourselves as a smart and highly flexible team which is dedicated to serve your interests with high impact. We intentionally decline from significant expenses for representation and advertizing which serves only our own needs. Instead, we use the resources assigned in other law firms for such measures to regularly look beyond the sometime limited IP horizon in order to achieve a better understanding of the needs of our clients in their business.


We include by means of close cooperations the expertise of other German law firms in the range of our services.