RACKETTE Patent Attorneys is operating in Intellectual Property (IP) all over the world in order to obtain for our domestic and foreign clients individually designed protection and to enforce their specific IP rights.


It is our mission to achieve for you as our client on the basis of your specific interests the best results, duly taking into account the respective overall situation.


For this purpose we have adopted the general guideline assigned to Albert Einstein „make everything as simple as possible - but not simpler” in order to handle in cooperation with you the typically quite complex matters very efficiently and, to your own relief, on the basis of a maximum of transparency and clarity in the mutual responsibilities.


In the implementation of the above principles we resort to our extensive professional experiences as patent attorneys and to structured reliable business processes. These business processes were developed on the basis of long-term experiences with many different clients and are continuously reviewed in order to match with changing needs of our clients.


As a matter of course, we implement your special wishes by having provided special arrangements in our business processes in order to duly respect the special instructions of each client within the strict professional conduct we have to respect as attorneys.


We kindly invite you to learn more about us and our services we may provide to you.